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Creating Columns with HTML 5 and CSS 3 Tutorial

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Description -- Redeem coupon code YOUTUBE at checkout to receive 50% off the full course!Are you interested in learning HTML? Do you have a website that you can't quite get looking right? Before CSS3, the process of creating columns with HTML 5 content was arduous and inconvenient. In this short video tutorial, master trainer Mark Lassoff will show you how to create columns in HTML 5 content using just a little bit of CSS3 and HTML 5. This CSS3 tutorial will help you create the website that you are looking for.You're invited to code along with Mark as he creates HTML columns using a text editor, a browser and some simple HTML and CSS code.Connect with LearnToProgram!Website:, Inc. is one of the internet's leading resources for coding and programming education. We offer courses on HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Python, and many other programming languages, along with iOS and Android Development. Use our coupon code "YOUTUBE" to receive 50% off any course! Course OutlineChapter One: Welcome to HTML1.1 Web Development Technologies1.2 Hello World with HTML1.3 Basic Document Structure HTML4.01/XHTML1.4 Basic Document Structure HTML51.5 Using Comments in HTML1.6 HTML Head ElementsChapter Two: Text Markup2.1 Text Markup2.2 Div and Span Tags2.3 HTML5 Text Markup Tags2.4 Selecting Text Color, Fonts and Font Sizes2.5 Text Alignment, Decoration, Indentation and Text TransformationChapter Three: Working with Lists3.1 Ordered Lists3.2 Unordered Lists3.3 CSS for ListsChapter Four: Creating HTML Links4.1 Creating Internal and External Links4.2 Creating Anchors4.3 Styling Links with CSS Pseudo-ClassesChapter Five: Working with Images and Media5.1 Displaying Images/Image Links/Image Styling with CSS5.2 HTML5 Audio Embeds5.3 HTML5 Video EmbedsChapter Six: HTML Tables6.1 Creating Tables with HTML6.2 Styling Tables with CSSChapter Seven: HTML Forms7.1 Creating Text Form Elements7.2 Creating Radio Button and Checkbox Elements7.3 New HTML5 Form Elements7.4 Creating Multi-Select ElementsChapter Eight: Understanding the CSS Box Model8.1 Understanding the Content Box Model8.2 Working with Margin, Padding and BordersChapter Nine: CSS Based Page Layout9.1 Inline vs Block Level Elements & Positioning Divs9.2 Float and Clear9.3 Creating a CSS Navigation Bar

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