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  • How to Become a Programmer

    Becoming a programmer is a cumulative process that builds up your skills day after day and year after year, and programming can be fun and rewarding (mentally, spiritually and financially).

    This guide does not promise to give a magically easy way to becoming a programmer, and the ordering of the steps is not sacred, but you'll get a general outline of how to become a programmer in one of the modern programming fields.

    Take an introductory course in one (or both) of the following disciplines:

    • Logic
    • Discrete mathematics
    1. Learn database concepts such as tables, views/queries and procedures. You can use any simple database package to do this, such as:
      • MS Access
      • DB V
      • Fox Pro
      • Paradox
      • MySQL is a good database to learn because it’s free, commonly used, and databases are commonly accessed with SQL queries
    2. 3
      Decide what type of programmer you want to be. Programmers generally fall under one of the following categories:
      • Web programmer
      • Desktop application programmer
        • Operating system (OS) oriented programmer(tied to a single operating system or set of operating systems)
        • Platform-independent programmer
      • Distributed applications programmer
      • Library/platform/framework/core programmer
      • System programmer
        • Kernel programmer
        • Driver programmer
        • Compiler programmer
      • Programming scientist
      Learn the technologies and programming languages related to your programming field of choice. The following sections break down the tasks for different types of programming.
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  • What are some of the things you can do with javascript?

    Do you wonder how webmasters update their website and make it more dynamic each time or how fast a certain browser responds from the main server allowing a particular website’s full content to show? How people in a website can easily communicate with each other even if they are from different locations or how a famous application or game has been developed? The answer to those questions is JavaScript.

     JavaScript is a programming term that was first developed by Netscape but Microsoft adopted it in 1996. It is a software that allows clients to control a certain website even without asking permission from the main server. It allows them to customize their page and add interactive features that the people can easily use. They can add chat box, change the site’s theme, and many more. It is also the software that is used to efficiently develop and run a particular game or application on your device or on you computer. It is basically one of the most important software that you need to download for the applications to properly operate. It might sound complicated but it would certainly be comprehensible once you try, navigate, and learn javascript.

     What are the things that you can do with JavaScript?

     Customize web page

    • Allows you to add interactive section on the main page itself
    • Show a certain website’s full content
    • Faster web browsing
    • People can communicate easily
    • High end games or applications development, and many more

     Learning JavaScript might be a little tricky at first just like any other software but once you learned the basics, you are sure to crave for more. There are many ways on how to learn and even master this program, all you have to do is follow all the instructions carefully, focus, and try. Some of the effective ways to learn more about JavaScript are:

     Online tutorials – This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to know more about this program, learn javascript online.There are thousands of online tutorials that you can check starting from articles up to the latest videos that would show you step-by-step process with regard to the things or features that you want to learn. There are free tutorials but there are also paid ones where you would need to enroll in a certain course to learn everything about JavaScript. Some of the websites that offer this course are,, and many more.

    • Read a book – There are also books about JavaScript and all other software that works with it. Reading an introduction about the program that you wan tot learn is definitely a must may it be online or on a book.
    • Practice – Practice what you learned online or on the book. You can do this by downloading a particular application that helps you apply what you learned like building or customizing your own website, debugging web pages, and many more.

     Those are the easiest things that you can do to learn more about JavaScript program. You need to understand it first, study it carefully, and practice what you have learned and you are sure to master it in no time.



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